The organisational culture of Priceless Life is expressed upon immediate entry into our ‘Priceless House.’

It’s a culture of abundant hospitality, enormously welcoming with a keen sense of and heart for service in this area.

Priceless House is a place to pause.

While quite centrally located across from the Gabba Cricket grounds just outside Brisbane CBD, it’s a place of sanctuary, of safety, of support and of sustenance.

Doubling as a tea rooms, an upcycled home and giftware store, it also boasts quality counselling, consultation rooms, an ultrasound room, a large training room, and more.

There’s a large front entrance for our browsing patrons, while there’s a more discreet side entrance for those we are consulting with.

Parking is available on the side of our building directly and those with appointments always have a park assigned to them. However, if you are need of other parking, there are the surrounding streets or even a nice lawn at number 15 Lisburn St (i.e. the secret here is to say you’re with Priceless and it’s only $5 for the day on non Gabba game days.)

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Priceless House offers the best, most affordable Devonshire Tea on the block because it’s made with extra dollops of love 😉

Teapot quoteWe have rostered locals who prepare our scones which are served with fresh whipped cream and preserves or jam. All served up with a hot cup of tea of your choice – from your traditional English Breakfast to a more daring Pomegranate!

If you’re lucky, you might score a special baked good of the day as well.

We know how much our Priceless patrons enjoy our lovely ceramics we serve their yummy orders in and many express how much they appreciate the chit chat that goes along with it.

All purchases go to supporting our clients facing crisis pregnancy.

Specialty High Teas

Priceless House can also be used as a venue for your own event – from a mere $12pp for exclusive use of the central room for your little birthday gathering, baby shower right up to a more full menu at $20pp.

Download High Tea Options HERE

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Shopping at Priceless House

Retail 2Being in the heart of Woolloongabba, we aim to fittingly raise funds via our own vintage homewares and jewellery.

We have quite the local reputation for lovely, vintage furnishings, many of which are customised and specially upcycled by local designer, Brent of Burnt Brush designs.

Brent can also create anything you’re after so be sure to contact us about accessing his services.

Priceless House is thrilled to offer the beautiful jewellery of Enhance Accessories and their ‘Gifted Hands’ program as well.

If it’s someone’s baby shower or your own bubba that you need a couple of fresh items for, then you’ll love our Priceless Baby Goods room. These items might be pre-loved but they’re all guaranteed to be in excellent condition, freshly washed, folded or hung up for your browsing convenience.

While we offer vouchers for our counselling/ mentoring clients to access items in this room for free, all monies raised from those actually purchasing these items go back to supporting those in crisis.

Some special bundles are also available online via

Things change all the time in our store, so we recommend you just pop in and check it out over a cuppa and a chat one day!