You're only as good as your people!

The wellbeing of our clients and patrons is of utmost priority to us and that’s why we ensure that each of our team members working with Priceless Life at Priceless House are not only skilled operators but warm and generous individuals with a big heart for what we are all about.

MANAGEMENT (Board & Advisors)

Our Company Board Directors and Professional Advisory Team hail from a range of cultural backgrounds and expertise.

Board Members 

The Priceless Board work together towards a common cause of supporting and empowering women throughout challenging times. With a wide variety of backgrounds ranging from Nursing to community & social causes, the Board seeks to ensure that Priceless is continually challenged to strive for the highest standards in women’s healthcare and rights.


Eileen Pritchard – Chair

Colette Norcliffe – Secretary 

Sarah Cheesman

Frances Beaumont


Head of Policy & Ethics

Co-Founder and Counsellor

As one of the founding members of Priceless Life, Liz has served in a number of different roles over the years.

A strong combination of her Masters in Counselling and Dip Ed, as well as 20 years experience in the speciality of crisis pregnancy support, Liz heads up the specialist professional development of our counsellors.
She acts as a great support for a positive, united and healthy culture of the organisation with her unique blend of humility and wisdom.

Liz also says she especially appreciates the tagline for Priceless House: A place to pause.

“There is great wisdom in taking time to stop, take a breath and talk things through, whatever the issues. And of course there is the obligatory cup of tea – I prefer mine fairly strong with a good dash of milk!”


Education and Advocacy Officer

When it comes to our organisations positioning and educative content,  Julie brings her own particular blend of gentility and passion to her work supporting pregnant women and their families.

As a keen educationalist she acts as co-coordinator and a facilitator of our schools program (see ‘Priceless Perspectives’) as well as lecturing at a tertiary level. It’s here where Julie really challenges her classes to think beyond prevailing rhetoric to embrace a compassionate, considered and coherent approach to crisis pregnancy and pregnancy choices.

Indeed, it’s her willingness to work for life affirming cultural change that also see her working in policy development.

Julie is also one of our specialist counsellors and social workers rostered on a Thursday.

Hot Beverage of Choice?

Julie loves a “nice hot cup of tea,” strong with milk, whether it’s served in a billycan or china cup, and she thinks there’s not too many problems that can’t be halved with a cup of tea and a listening ear.

Of course, when requiring a little more energy and focus, she turns to coffee with a dash of milk and half a sugar.

Cathryn Marshall, RN

FertilityCare Practitioner (Creighton Model)

Cathryn has a passion for empowering women (and men) with vital, yet often unknown, information about their bodies to assist them with achieving a natural, healthy pregnancy.

She offers our in-house instruction on natural fertility, an alternative to IVF, via the Creighton Model and works with our affiliate Naprotechnology doctors.  She also offers this service from Toowoomba every week.

For over 10 years she has dedicated herself to serving the work of Priceless Life as Office Manager and Treasurer as well as nursing on weekends at the Wesley Hospital.  She has 30 years experience as an RN with a passion in the Critical Care areas.

In whatever spare time she has she volunteers to assist the local scout group as well as getting involved in crafty projects?

Hot beverage of choice?

Skinny mocha… in a mug!