resources homeAs a part of our duty of care to the community and our mission to fill the gaps that exist around complex pregnancy situations, we have a variety of educative and advocacy activities we are engaged in.

We must note however that we are NOT a political or party partisan organisation and that by advocacy we mean being available to speak with groups or individuals from the basis of our observational research at the coal face of the issue.

Education & Advocacy Programs

Priceless Perspectives Schools Program

Trained Facilitators

The Priceless Perspectives Program draws on the knowledge and experience of the professionals of Priceless Life, who have worked in the area of unplanned pregnancy counseling and support for more than 20 years.

It is a life education program equipping youth with vital information to make ethical, educated, empathic and empowered decisions around unexpected pregnancy.

“Because pregnancy isn’t just another STI…”


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Perspectives School Program OfferingWhat’s In the Perspectives Package?


Perspectives is a program for secondary students from grades 10 to 12 written in light of the Australian Curriculum’s educational goals.

The program is a response to an identified need for students to have accurate information about issues surrounding the experience of unplanned pregnancy.

It is written by professionals: teachers, social workers and doctors.

Perspectives is sensitively delivered by trained facilitators who encourage students to empathise with the needs and views of others.

The program equips students with ethical decision making skills and knowledge of support networks; empowering them to make informed decisions in the face of unplanned pregnancy.


Schools Say:

  • “Unplanned pregnancy is an area which is often overlooked in life education programs. Perspectives fills that gap”
  • “The trained facilitators created a relaxed and open environment using small group discussions which allowed students to ask questions and hear the views of others” —  Joel Erkkila, Senior Chaplain

Students say:

  • “I felt like my opinion was heard and understood … it was open and friendly”
  • “I felt comfortable discussing those hard topics”
  • “They were respectful, relevant and interesting”


Current statistics show that one in three women in Australia will have an abortion in their life time. Australia also has one of the highest teenage pregnancy and abortion rates in the developed world (Medical Journal of Australia 2003) Even students from Christian families may be at a high risk of experiencing abortion because of two things. Firstly they worry about the shame they or their family might endure should the pregnancy become known, and they fear they will be unable to continue their education, should they continue with their pregnancy.

The program includes:

Our resources include a 20 minute DVD – “Surprise” – which shows the real life stories of seven Australians

who share their stories of unexpected or crisis pregnancy, the choices they made (adoption, abortion and adaption plus…) and how those choices have impacted on their lives. It also contains accurate, relevant medical information presented by a doctor.  Students are also provided with information about foetal development through the use of life size models and activities. Facts about pregnancy, and the developing fetus, as well as a simple explanation of first trimester abortion procedures are included.

We have successfully piloted and evaluated the program in July last year and have had many more bookings since.

Get in quick for next year bookings! 

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By popular demand we are developing a full semester long program based around our ethics education, counselling and mentoring experiences and social work expertise.


On our Priceless Team we have some who are proficient in speaking and presenting and commit to delivering messages that really inspire.

Our stalls at expos are always very popular as 1 in 3 women have been affected by this issue.

Let us know if you’d like to have us come and speak to your group or host you at Priceless House anytime!

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