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cultural change: education empowerment & critical thinking



Our Perspectives Schools Program seeks to engage secondary school students in respectful, in-depth conversations and critical thinking around often debated or hard to talk about topics including unplanned pregnancy and pregnancy options. We challenge the status quo within a safe environment and get students thinking about cultural norms and whether practice of these norms meet lived reality. We encourage students to unpack current discourses and challenge the status quo within a safe environment, to get them thinking about cultural norms and lived realities.

Our trained facilitators deliver the program sensitively drawing on the organisation’s expertise and knowledge of more than twenty years of working at the coalface of these issues.



Our Perspectives next-gen program facilitates discussions with youth in various contexts around topics we connect with regularly in our work.

We focus on thinking skills, logical principles and ethical veracity while encouraging the scrutiny of norms and the development of values that encourage mental well being and integrity.  

Professional Development


Our Professional Development course draws from the schools and next-gen programs to empower teachers, carers, counsellors, chaplains, pastors and other professional or support staff with information and skills and ethical codes of conduct that has been informed by Priceless House’s seasoned professional practice. 

Speaking Engagements



Our team is available to lecture or speak at gatherings or meetings including at tertiary institutions, business breakfasts, conferences and seminars, churches and womens or mens groups etc. 

We can tailor the message depending on your audience and the objectives of your meeting. We can include content of your choice from any of our programs and we offer a lecture format, or small group discussions and a Q&A panel as an interactive approach to discussing sensitive topics around pregnancy, pregnancy options and relationships.



 We welcome enquiries from organisations and individuals that would like to partner with us and present Perspectives locally and further afield. We are committed to providing education that promotes synergy between knowledge, values and lived experience